CEE 171 - Water Resources Engineering (Winter)

Continuity, energy, and momentum principles applied to flow in closed conduit and open channel infrastructure. Analysis and design of hydraulic networks including pressurized pipelines and storm water systems.

CEE 172 / 272 - Groundwater Hydrology (Fall)

Conservation of fluid mass, storage properties of porous media, matrix compressibility, boundary conditions, flow nets, well hydraulics, groundwater chemistry, and solute transport. CEE 272 includes introduction to advanced topics in porous media. Design projects and computer applications included.

CEE 279 - Hydrologic Computational Modeling (Winter)

Computational modeling of multi-dimensional flow and scalar transport problems in surface andground water. Topics include mathematical model formulation, numericalmethod selection, serial and parallel implementation, model verification andvalidation.

Updated: August 28, 2014